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Circular Dichroism A measurement of the complex forming reaction of nickel sulfate and Rochelle salt probed by stopped-flow CD spectroscopy
UV-Vis Absolute Reflectance Measurements of SiO2
Fluorescence Analysis of fluorescence materials at a high temperatures
UV-Vis Automated analysis of sun protection factor (SPF) in sunscreen using UV-visible spectroscopy
Raman Carbon Nanotube Analysis by Raman Spectroscopy
Circular Dichroism CD measurement of α-pinene gas in the vacuum-UV region
Fluorescence Chiral analysis of carbon nanotubes by NIR flurorescence spectrosopy
Raman Confocal Raman microscopy for non-destructive analysis of impurities in polymers
Raman Dispersive Raman for the Identification of Contaminant Particles in Ink Jet Cartridges
NFS Evaluation of a Luminescent Semiconductor on the Nanometer Scale
Raman Evaluation of Diamond Like Carbon (DLC)
UV-Vis Evaluation of ITO Films
Electric Field Modulation Spectrophotometer Evaluation of Organic EL Materials
Raman Evaluation of Polysilicon
FTIR Field-rugged FTIR microscope for on-site analysis
Circular Dichroism High-resolution CPL spectrum measurement of a europium complex [Eu(facam)3 ]
UV-Vis Highly Accurate Measurements in the Vacuum UV Region
UV-Vis Layer thickness measurement of SiO2 using UV-visible/NIR micro-spectroscopy
Fluorescence Luminescent color evaluation for flurorescent materials
UV-Vis Measurement of enzyme activity by UV-visible spectroscopy and calculation of advanced kinetics
Circular Dichroism Measurement of NIR-CD spectra of nickel titrate and limonene using a J-1500 CD spectrometer
Circular Dichroism Microassay thermal denaturation of ribonuclease A probed by CD spectroscopy
UV-Vis Monitoring of Polysilicon Crystallization Using a Laser
FTIR On-Line FTIR monitoring with a field-rugged spectrometer with fiber-optic cable
UV-Vis OneDrop sample accessory for small volume quantitative calibration
UV-Vis Phase Difference Measurements
UV-Vis Quantitation of small sample volumes of protein and nucleic acids using a UV-visible spectrophotometer with OneDrop accessory
Raman Raman for the evaluation of carrier concentrations in GaN
Raman Raman Spectral Imaging - Expanding Capabilities to Fulfill Application Requirements
FTIR Review of a sample compartment FTIR microscope
Raman Single-Layer Carbon Nanotube
Raman The Use of Dual Spatial Filtration to Improve Spatial Resolution in Raman Imaging Micro-spectroscopy
UV-Vis Transmission Measurement of Volvox Algae Using the MSV-5000 Series
Raman Using a 785nm laser to reduce fluorescence in Raman analysis of a contaminant in a film
UV-Vis V-Series UV-visible/NIR spectrophotometer validation software
UV-Vis Absolute Reflectance Measurements of a Dichroic Mirror
FTIR Analysis of automotive polymers using FTIR with ATR sample measurement
Fluorescence Analysis of plasma display phosphors by fluorescence spectrophotometry
FTIR Automated semi-conductor wafer analysis in the IR or NIR region for film-thickness
Circular Dichroism CD measurement of protein film samples in the vacuum-UV region
Circular Dichroism Change in the fluorescence anisotropy spectrum by the denaturation of α-lactalbumin
UV-Vis Color Analysis of Fluorescence Materials for FPD
NFS Contaminant Identification on Circuit Boards Using a Near-Field IR Spectrometer
UV-Vis Estimation of the Refractive Index of Monocrystalline Sapphire by Polarization Measurements using the MSV-5000 Series
Raman Evaluation of Carbon Materials
UV-Vis Evaluation of Filters and Mirrors
UV-Vis Evaluation of Micro Optics
UV-Vis Evaluation of Polarizers for FPDs
FTIR Field-rugged FTIR for in-situ monitoring of chemical vapor deposition (CVD)
Raman Gemstone Identification Using Raman Spectroscopy
Circular Dichroism High-throughput CD Spectral Measurement: Biomedicines and pH Dependency
NFS Infrared measurements with 1 µm spatial resolution
Fluorescence Luminescence quantum efficiency measurement by diffuse fluorescence
Circular Dichroism Lysozyme and N-acetyl glucosamine interaction probed by circular dichroism
Circular Dichroism Measurement of magnetic CD with the PM-491 permanent magnet
NFS Measurement of the Transition Process of a Semiconductor
Circular Dichroism Microscale samples: measurement of hemoglobin and DNA derived from bovine thymus
NFS Nanometer scale characterization of a GaAsP semiconductor
UV-Vis On-line Monitoring of an Amorphous Silicon Layer on a Solar Cell
NFS Optical Evaluation of Write Spots in a CD-R by Transmittance Measurement
Raman Probe Raman for analysis of polymer state during an injection molding process
UV-Vis Quantitative Determination of Proteins
Raman Raman Quantitative Calibration Stability for a Sample Mixture
UV-Vis Reproducibility of quantitation of small sample volumes using a V-630 UV-visible spectrophotometer with OneDrop accessory
Raman Semiconductor Stress Measurement
UV-Vis TCH-703 8-position Turret Micro Cell Holder
UV-Vis Thickness Analysis of a Natural Oxide Film on a Microscopic Si Pattern using UV-visible/NIR micro-spectroscopy
NFS Transmittance Near-field measurements in the UV-visible/NIR range at 0.1 to 1 µm spatial resolution
UV-Vis UV-visible diode-array spectrophotometer for in-Line monitoring for QC

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