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LC-2000Plus Series HPLC System

The LC-2000Plus Series is JASCO's latest development in High Performance Liquid Chromatography, meeting the key requirements of today's analytical laboratory. JASCO has the largest range of optical detectors - from UV to diode array to specialist chiral detectors. The HPLC systems are coupled with the ChromNav data system to offer both HPLC and spectral data handling for most of the detectors even with the single wavelength UV detector.


System Description

Uniquely configurable, the LC-2000Plus range of high performance, low cost HPLC systems can be adapted to virtually any requirement from simple isocratic QA to advanced multi-solvent/multi-column method development and everything in between.

System Features

Compact Design and Minimum Set Up Time

The LC-2000plus series is designed with a 30cm depth to maximize laboratory bench space and a safe-stacking modular architecture. The instrument has a quick set up time and is easy to use.

Flexibility and versatility

The LC-2000Plus HPLC series can be used as semi-micro, analytical and preparative solvent delivery systems, isocratic and high or low-pressure gradient systems as well as manual or autosampling injection systems with available temperature control. Solvent switching, mixing, degassing and a 3 column oven selection is made possible with a wide range of detectors and biocompatible chromatography.

Integrated Control and Data Analysis

With a choice of a PC system or direct keypad control, the LC-2000Plus series gives total solutions for system control, data acquisition, processing, interpretation and reporting. Direct control by MS software packages is enabled for high-throughput LC/MS applications.

Productivity and Automation

With excellent throughput via instrument selection and optimization, this HPLC system series has a range of autosamplers to maximize laboratory time.

Sensitivity, Resolution, Reproducibility and Linearity

The LC-2000Plus HPLC systems have a low noise for maximum sensitivity and operating stability. With excellent linearity and minimum sample carry-over, the instrument has an accurate flow and is pulse-free.

System Reliability, Validation and ISO Accreditation

The system offers validation support for regulatory requirements as well as IQ/OQ support.

LC-2000Plus System Flexibility

From simple routine analysis to complicated system specific configurations and field upgrades, our wide range of detectors, pumps and column ovens offers the flexibility to build the ideal system.

Isocratic System: Simple Isocratic Separations

A compact, efficient and economical system

This stand-alone system includes a pump, degasser, manual injector and UV/Vis detector. The PU-2080 Pump offers a variable flow rate and memory capacity to store up to 10 files of 64-step programs. The UV-2070/2075 UV/Vis detector provides extremely high sensitivity, spectral scanning and wavelength time-programming. The system can be easily upgraded to full automation as well as elution mode for gradient operations.

Solvent Switching System: Automatic Solvent Switching

A flexible, automatic six-way valve system

The LV-2080-03 automatic six-way valve unit enables a sequential switching of solvents during measurements such as amino acid analysis. Up to six different solvents can be connected.

High-Pressure Gradient Systems: 2 / 3 Pump Binary Gradient Elution

High performance, high reliability gradient elution

The PU-2080’s integrated time programming controls a two-pump binary gradient. By using the JASCO chromatography data system, up to a 3-pump ternary gradient is possible. The MX-2080-32 is a high pressure dynamic mixer, capable of mixing up to 3 solvents under high pressure. By changing the chamber capacity, the instrument can be used in various applications from semi-micro HPLC with a volume down to 20 µL to semi-preparative HPLC.

Low-Pressure Gradient Systems: One Pump Ternary/Quaternary Gradient

Stable delivery of both volatile and viscous solvents

The LG-2080-04 low-pressure gradient unit is designed to be used with the PU-2080, enabling up to a 4-solvent quaternary gradient. The PU-2089 is a compact HPLC Quaternary low pressure gradient pump designed to meet the rigorous requirements of a wide range of research and routine gradient applications. Built-in low-pressure proportioning valve and degasser enable the highest flexibility in solvent choices and excellent gradient solvent delivery.

Low-Pressure Gradient System with Column Switching: On-line Deproteinization by a Pre-treatment Column

Widely used for drug analysis in bio-samples

This system enables on-line pre-treatment of samples such as deproteinization, pre-concentration, and impurity removal. The system is ideal for automated drug analysis in biosamples. The pre-treatment column selectively elutes and disposes of proteins and other macromolecules while low molecular weight compounds such as drugs are trapped (red flow line). By switching the column switching valve, the trapped compounds are introduced into a separation column and separated in low-pressure gradient mode (blue flow line). The target drug compounds eluted are detected by a UV detector or a mass spectrometer with high sensitivity and selectivity.

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HPLC Components

Our wide range of detectors, pumps and column ovens offers the flexibility to build the ideal system.

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