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Confocal Fluorescence Detector

JASCO's Confocal fluorescence detector can be used to determine the depth of the fluorescent contaminant without destroying the crucible.


System Description

Fluorescent compounds in quartz crucibles used for silicon crystallization can contaminant the semiconductor material. These contaminants migrate through the quartz during the heating and cooling cycles, eventually bringing the fluorophores to the surface and contaminating the molten silicon. Traditionally, a representative crucible is destroyed to determine the depth of the fluorescent material.

By gradually altering the source focal point and simultaneously recording the fluorescence response and source scattering, a fluorescence depth profile can be created, indicating the precise depth of the fluorescent contaminants.

System Features

  • A non-destructive, non-contact method for the detection of fluorescent contaminants in quartz or glass
  • Simultaneous measurement of the fluorescence and light scattering for calculation of the fluorescence depth profile. The distance of the fluorescent contaminant from the surface can be readily calculated.

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