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Fluorescence Spectrometer


Designed with the latest technology, the JASCO FP-8000 Series fluorescence spectrofluorometers incorporate the highest sensitivity, fastest spectral scanning capability and excellent analysis-oriented functionality offering integrated solutions for advanced materials research and biochemical analysis applications.

Optional plate reader with full scanning capability and temperature control now available.

System Description

Four different models of the FP-8000 Series offer the optimum solution for fluorescence and phosphorescence applications.

FP-8200 : For general use, especially for routine fluorescence analysis

FP-8300 : Versatile model with additional features for Bio applications

FP-8500 : Research model offering the ultimate performance

FP-8600 : NIR model for materials analysis research

System Features

• Highest sensitivity (> 5000, RMS)
• Fastest scan speed (60,000 nm/min)
• Wide dynamic range (> 6.5 orders of magnitude)
• Auto-Gain and Auto-SCS (Sensitivity Control System)
• Automatic higher-order diffraction cut filter
• Rapid 3D spectra measurements
• Expanded features for phosphorescence measurements (minimum lifetime measurement of 1 millisecond)

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